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Title: DressCrossed: Oedipus Complex
Author: Batty_Gal a.k.a Tetra26
Rating: T
Fandom: Kyou Kara Maou
Pairing: Wolfram/Yuuri
Word Count: 500
Fic Type: Drabble; Established Relationship
Summary: Yuuri loses a bet and has to dress in Wolfram's costume of choice.
Notes: This is part four of a series of unconnected drabbles with the same theme: Crossdressing.
Deal with it, wimp. You lost the bet, and now you must pay up )
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Title: DressCrossed: Sold! To the Pretty Lady in the Yellow Dress
Author: Batty_Gal a.k.a Tetra26
Rating: T
Fandom: Kyou Kara Maou
Pairing: Wolfram von Bielefeld, Yozak Gurrier (not a pairing)
Word Count: 100
Fic Type: Drabble; Humor
Summary: At the market, Wolfram uses the bartering skills Yozak taught him.
Notes: This is part two of a series of unconnected drabbles with the same theme: Crossdressing.
Any time, lovely. )
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Title: DressCrossed: Can't. Unsee. It.
Author: Batty_Gal a.k.a Tetra26
Rating: T
Fandom: Kyou Kara Maou
Pairing: Wolfram/Murata, Yuuri, ???
Word Count: 100
Fic Type: Drabble; Humor
Summary: Yuuri forgets his manners and walks in on Wolfram and Murata playing games with each other.
Notes: This is part two of a series of unconnected drabbles with the same theme: Crossdressing.
Yuuri knew better than to enter a room without knocking first. )
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Title: DressCrossed: Know Your Role and Shut Your Mouth
Author: Batty_Gal a.k.a Tetra26
Rating: T
Fandom: Kyou Kara Maou
Pairing: Wolfram/Saralegui
Word Count: 100
Fic Type: Drabble; Humor
Summary: Saralegui hates his role and thinks Wolfram should shut his mouth.
Notes: This is part one of a series of unconnected drabbles with the same theme: Crossdressing.
I hate you, and your friend Yozak, so much right now. )
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Alright, y'all, I need you guize to solve a girlfight between a blaeaboo (black weeaboo) and a tweeblaboo (tiny black weeaboo).

Which Hana Yori Dango insert song is superior?


This is serious business. It comes down to choice of movie from the Redbox tomorrow, and I do NOT want to see the damn Tooth Fairy for the fifth time, lol.
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I originally posted this - locked - to LJ, but I'm duplicating it here, unlocked so that others outside of my f-list can see it. Comments are screened in this post, just to be safe.

A group calling themselves the "Literate Union" is going around on FF.Net with a bot called Redbootton that reports fics that are MA (Mature Audiences), have bad grammar/spelling, or breaks other TOS rules (like songfic). Several fics have been deleted from due to their reports, including fics that had thousands of reviews.

My suggestions to you all (you don't have to follow them, lol):

1) If you have other users on your f-list that have fics you know might break TOS of, post under f-lock to them, or either PM them directly about these happenings, just to make sure they are aware and can take precautions. This group has members on LJ, so be careful.

2) Do not engage these people directly if you think you might have a fic breaking TOS. I would not put it past these members to go through your fics and report them as a grudge. In fact, they have essentially hinted at doing something like that.

3) Back up any and all stories you think might break the TOS on Sanitize any story you have listed as M if you are not sure that it might actually cross over into MA territory. There is a fine line between M and MA, and admins don't see it for the most part. Try doing a "fade to black" if you have sex scenes, even if you don't think they are that explicit. Or, keep them as is and hope that this group and bot get banned before you get caught up in this mess.

4) Look into other archives for your stories. I just joined Archive of Our Own, which is in beta and has a 24-48 hour waiting period to join after requesting an invite at the moment. There is also Adult Fan but it is for 18+ age people. Also, I find that it works best for PWP stories or stories that focus on explicit sex more than regular stories that might have a sex scene thrown in here and there.

5) I know some of you might want to go "LOL THEY SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN BREAKING THE RULES!!!", but M and MA really can be hard to distinguish between sometimes. Even if some of these people write obvious MA and willingly ignore the rules (for ex: writing songfics, or chatfics, or etc.), or if you agree with the group, give fellow fans you are friendly with a heads up so that they can backup their stories before deletion because not everyone crossposts to LJ or other archives, or even keep a copy of their older fics on their harddrives. Plus admin will delete their fics without any notice for them to take precautions.

Source - The Wank Report post, which includes links to the group. Also, it made Fandom Wank as well.
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Earlier today, I called and left a message for my dad after finding out some information for him online. Or so I thought.

Hours later, I come home and check my messages to see if he called me back. What did I find?

I left the message... on my own answering service. That's right. I dialed my OWN home and left a message for my dad on my own answering maching, from my own phone number! I didn't even think twice about it, since we have the same generic lady asking to leave a message on the phone. I should have known better since he's had the same phone number since I was in kindergarten, and I've only had this number for a couple of years. I have never mistaken the two numbers, because aside from the first two digits, they are not similar at all.

I look so dumb right now. However, I called him and told him, and we had a good laugh over it (dad was rolling at my expense, he couldn't even get his words out, he rarely laughs like that so this amused me greatly). I ♥ my dad.
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Title: Suitors - (Chapter 07: The Longest Night Part III)
Author: [ profile] batty_gal a.k.a Tetra26
Rating: T
Fandom: Kyou Kara Maou
Pairing: Wolfram x ???
Word Count: 4400
Fic Type: Ongoing
Fic Summary: After Wolfram ended his engagement in a fit of rage, suitors from all around started to flock to the castle to seek his hand – much to Gwendal's dismay. Who will capture his heart? A random noble? Murata? Yozak? And, what about Yuuri? Sequel to 1 Up.

Chapter Summary: What seems to be the longest night ever continues as the latest unwanted guest interacts with Wolfram.

Previous Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Prequel: 1 Up: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

What? It's cute! You've always hidden your feelings behind contempt. )
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I've went back and re-edited Suitors a bit. Only a few minor changes, like Conrad to Conrart, correcting a few grammatical errors, and removing a subplot that was going nowhere and contradicted later chapters that's coming.

And, just so this post won't be a total waste, let's discuss food and allergies!

1) I finally mastered the art of fried chicken. This has been eluding me for quite some time, and I often gave up in frustration or simply dealt with frying chicken that was good, but not that tasty greatness that a lot of my relatives can do. The key (at least for me), was to season the flour (Lowery's seasoning salt + fresh ground pepper + McCormick's Garlic and Herb seasoning FTW) and not the chicken, put the flour in a bag, and coat the chicken that way, then remove the coated chicken and set it on a plate to let the flour "stick" to the chicken a bit. Plus, heating up the oil slowly on a medium heat helped in not having chicken that browned too quickly (as was one of my errors). I had golden brown, crispy fried deliciousness. I guess good food really does take time to master!

Also, I ended up turning some of what I fried into some yummy hot wings by quickly tossing (by quickly, I mean putting the fried chicken in a bowl, pouring a cup of sauce on them, and stirring just until they were coated) with a boiled homemade unsalted butter-hotsauce-hot chili oil concoction (this can be done with any wing sauce, however), arranging on one layer in a shallow baking pan, then putting in a 400 degree oven for ten-fifteen minutes. They came out crispy instead of soggy (like they were just fried - plus the crispy skin absorbed the sauce), and were excellent.

2) I have finally gotten over my aversion to fresh ginger! It used to be that even the smell of it was enough to make me retch (and eating it tasted like smelling Pine Sol), but I'm finally able to eat it without gagging. Unfortunately, I still cannot stand the smell or taste of cilantro. I walked past a bulk of it at a local mart, and almost vomited right there. DNW.

3) Somehow, I've become allergic to oranges again. I had been allergic to various citrus when I was a kid, but outgrew it. However, a whole host of food allergies popped up in my adulthood (various melons, banana, pineapple, mango, several nuts, etc.), right around the time after I gave birth (my pumpkin will be 8 later this month! ♥). A few days ago, I poured me a glass of orange juice, took one sip, and my tongue started swelling and my throat closed up. That means I'm down to apples as the only fruit that doesn't give me a reaction, and I'm not very fond of those. I still eat pineapple even though it makes my tongue swell a bit. The others have gotten so severe within the past year that I won't even chance them that much. :(
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I just finished watching this and... omg. I loved it. LOVED IT.

Goo Jun Pyo is the best version of Domyouji EVER. His childlike glee over commoner things, plus his outright misunderstandings of situations, LOL. Also, the actor Lee Min Ho... *swoons*. I haven't had a celebrity crush in over 10 years... it's like I'm a teenager all over again, lol. I'll do a few comparisons with the other dramas + the anime later, but I will say that I liked them all. Each one brought their own flavor to the manga - but the Korean version really made it their own.

Though it differed from the manga and the J-Drama (and T-Drama), it was really refreshing to see Hana Yori Dango - but not like it's been seen before. Meteor Garden stuck with the manga with only a few changes (for example, the main characters were in college instead of high school) - but it worked well for them. The J-Drama condensed and streamlined some of the major manga plots - often in ways I liked save a few instances (the Junpei incident, for example) and added the interesting element of psychological trauma, guilt, and business responsibilities when it came to Tsukasa (however, I loathed the mobster family changes to Akira, and that final movie stunk so bad I can still smell the stench of it).

But the K-drama... oh man, the K-drama. I think my biggest excitement came in looking for how it CHANGED and its effects on the characters (the swimming element was fantastic in how the storylines involving it played out), and not how it stayed close to HYD. It really fit, and the writers deserve all sorts of kudos for how they arranged it. I only have a few problems with it (I thought the Shigeru/Jae Kyung arc lasted far too long + they did not give Akira/Woo bin much to do in the series and stuck with that stupid gangster family change the J-Drama added that I disliked immensely). I know a lot of people disliked the changes, but I think the best way to enjoy this series is to think of it as a retelling/adaptation of the HYD story, and not as it being HYD.

Can't wait to see the Chinese mainland version (called "Meteor Shower"). It seems they made a lot of changes as well.
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Wonder Woman's redesigned costume is hideous. It reminds me far too much of the 90's biker shorts version of WW (you know, the costume she wore when Artemis was parading around as Wonder Woman in her actual costume), and it looks immensely dated already.

As much as I would love a new WW costume with pants, I can't get behind this ugliness and would have preferred her old costume to this one. They should have taken the old Donna Troy version of the Wonder Girl costume, and redesigned it to look more like something Diana would wear. This is ugly, and does little to pay homage to the history behind WW's original costume (where's the white and blue?).

Superboy called - he wants his 90's costume back.
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The Korean version of Hana Yori Dango (Boys Before Flowers) is awesome so far (I'm on episode 11).

And to think, I was thinking about foregoing it due to the bad things I've heard about it in comparison to the J-Drama, but I'll be... I think I like it a bit more than the J-Drama so far. Is it as true to the HYD manga as the J-Drama (or even the Taiwanese 'Meteor Garden' version)? No. But I like the changes (so far) and find them a bit refreshing.

However, just because I've gushed about it watch it be full of fail when I reach the ending. *crosses fingers that it won't*

Oh yeah, Suitors Ch. 7 should be up within a few days. *flees*
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1) So, I rewatched Hana Yori Dango the anime (and re-read the manga), HYD the J-drama, and I finally watched Meteor Garden I (I didn't bother watching Meteor Garden II because I read the synopsis and it seems as if they took the amnesia plot and dragged it out across 31 episodes) for the first time ever. I have yet to watch the Korean Boys Over Flowers, so I'm going to save my actor/plot comparisons until then.

I will say that I cannot decide which one was better between HYD J-drama and Meteor Garden, but I do like them both for what they are (and initially, I did not like the HYD J-drama at all but once again, that's because I did not appreciate the changes at the time).

2) I'm working on a few pieces exploring Mimasaka Akira, the most underrated and under-explored member of the F4 (and my favorite after Domyouji Tsukasa). Most of them are drabbles, but I do want to do something longish on him.

3) I'm working on my first crossover. Woot!

4) Decided to split the next chapter of Suitors into two. It's close to 10000 words. I'm happy, though: I've finally decided on a direction. I just want to write it in this direction a bit more before posting any of it.
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1) Out of sheer boredom yesterday, I read the first 45 pages of Silver Diamond volume 1. So far, so good. I hope it doesn't let me down. I'm in need of something new (plus this is listed as shounen-ai, which means JACK since KKM was also listed as shounen-ai).

2) Suffering Shinou, 55 whole days until Batman: Under the Hood is released. Also, Nightwing and Jason Todd is in it, where the Hell is Tim Drake? He was Robin when Jason returned (in fact, Jason beat him up in Titans Tower). And what about Superboy-Prime, whose epic timeline punch brought Jason back? And what about Clayface, whom imitated Jason as he looked on during the Hush arc?

It's been so long since I read the comic book version, though - and I haven't gone back and read it in order to enjoy the movie as is (cause I am going to throw a Wolfram hissy fit if this is done badly). Also, LMAO at Neil Patrick Harris voicing Nightwing and Jensen Ackles voicing Jason Todd. I predict Red Hood/Nightwing will prevail over Batman/Red Hood or Batman/Nightwing (I honestly don't mind either way).

3) The Last Failbender comes out next month, on both my bff and my aunt's b-day. Ew DNW whitewashed casting tripe.

4) Suitors still hates me, albeit a bit less. I have a few oneshots and drabbles planned, as well as two long ongoings that I'm going to completely write before posting. These will be my last big Wolfram/Yuuri works for awhile. It's still my OTP and always will be, and I'll write it if the inspiration strikes, but I'm going to focus on other Wolfram ships.

5) Summer re-watch list: Rose of Versailles, Lovely Complex, Batman TAS, Batman Beyond, Justice League/Justice League Unlimited.

6) Summer re-read list: Young Justice, Fables (plus catching up), Justice League of America/International, Bruce Wayne: Murderer/Wanted, Robin, Under the Red Hood, Power of Shazam.

I'll probably revise those two lists in a few days.
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What do people not understand? You would think after the entire Diana Gabaldon "fanfic writers are like creepy stalkers that write porn about your children" fiasco that people would know better.

Writing fan fiction arguably falls under fair use (I say arguably, because while a fanfic writer is using someone else's copyrighted works, they are not making profit off of them or passing that work off as entirely their creation). SELLING fan fiction most certainly does NOT fall under fair use, and is undeniably copyright infringement. So when I see things like the fan mentioned here attempting to sell her fan fiction (under the guise of "Donations") and Torchwood fandom fic auctioning mentioned here, I want to bash my head (and theirs) against a wall.

Cut it out, people.

This type of crap is why a lot of professional writers fear fan fiction and think it's the Devil: because some people are trying to make monetary gains off their works. Find another way to put money in your respective pockets.

And finally, darling #1: You are 27. I am 29. I am criticizing your actions, and my criticism of you is no more valid than someone 10, 20, 30 or more years older than you solely because I fall within your age range. Shoot, even people 10 years younger than you can criticize what you are doing without their criticism being invalid because they are whippersnappers.

Ageism in fandom is annoying (how many times have some of us older fans heard "you're too old to be writing fan fiction/enjoying fannish things!" by other fans and people who don't get fandom? And what about younger fans who are often derided when people assume that bad grammar/horrid plots has to have been committed by someone their age?), and no one is "picking on you" when they call you out because you are doing something that is considered a huge no-no in fandom.
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Title: Flowers and Farewells
Author: [ profile] batty_gal/Tetra26
Rating: T
Fandom: Kyou Kara Maou
Pairing: Wolfram and Lanzhil (King of Big Shimaron)
Word Count: 3648
Fic Type: Friendship; Deathfic; Time Skip
Warnings: Character Deaths.
Summary: Wolfram was there until the end for King Lanzhil, his friend of almost sixty years.

Theirs had been an unlikely friendship in the beginning, but it was a friendship nevertheless. )
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1) Watched all seasons of Poirot and am current except for the latest episode. I love and enjoy the show, especially since Hercule Poirot is my second favorite fictional detective after Batman. I also watched the Poirot movies. I'm undecided as to who I prefer as Poirot, Suchet portrays him true to the character - but Ustinov really made the role fit him.

2) Finally buckled down and picked up the new Batgirl series. I. Am. In. Love. This is what I wanted to see from DC: a lighthearted book that doesn't take itself seriously. I fully enjoy the new Batgirl (Stephanie Brown), and I haven't enjoyed a Batgirl since Barbara Gordon was in the mantle (I just could not get into Cassandra Cain). Also, dammit, the series made me like Damian Wayne! I was all set to hate that little fucker for eternity, but daaaaaaaaamn I truly loved the banter between him and Batgirl. Also, my Dick Grayson/Barbara Gordon nostalgia kicked in (even though it looks like they might be hooking Babs up with Gotham's newest police officer).

3) Am writing a House, M.D fic. Foreman/Cameron oneshot. Will be interesting to see the response to it.

4) Fuck you, WB, for deciding that since the Wonder Woman movie "didn't do so well", that you don't want to animate any more female superheroes. Um, Green Lantern did the same as Wonder Woman and he's getting a fucking series? Yeah, it's the fact that it's a female superhero, and not the fact you didn't promote the shit. Etta Candy fail aside, I loved the movie. Meanwhile, I'm still excited for Batman: Under the Hood.

5) Suitors hates me. I hate it. :(
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This is a Master List of all the fic I've written and posted on this journal, in the order that I wrote/started writing them in each fandom. Over time, I'll be going back and revamping them (for example, I did so with "1 Up") since my writing style has changed over the years. Pairing order is whatever name I typed first, but most of the pairings are switches anyhow.

Read more... )
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Placing this here for archive purposes.

Title: Valentine's Day the Insensitive Way
Author: [ profile] batty_gal/Tetra26
Rating: Wolfram/Yuuri
Fandom: Kyou Kara Maou
Pairing: Wolfram/Yuuri
Word Count: 7190
Fic Type: Humor
Summary: Wolfram learns of Valentine's Day from Murata and decides to make Yuuri chocolates. Yuuri finds out in advance, and intentionally does something insensitive as a result. Written for the [ profile] kkm_wolframfans Valentine's Day challenge.

Valentine's Day? What is that? )
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Fandom List

The fandoms I fangirl over the most are bolded. The fandoms I actively participate in have an asterisk beside them. I've also noted where I only follow certain canons (for example, I might follow a manga canon but ignore the anime).Fandom List )

I'll be expanding/updating this list over time.


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