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Yahoo shutting down [confirmed]

Yahoo is shutting down something? You don't say. /still bitter over Geocities
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Wonder Woman's redesigned costume is hideous. It reminds me far too much of the 90's biker shorts version of WW (you know, the costume she wore when Artemis was parading around as Wonder Woman in her actual costume), and it looks immensely dated already.

As much as I would love a new WW costume with pants, I can't get behind this ugliness and would have preferred her old costume to this one. They should have taken the old Donna Troy version of the Wonder Girl costume, and redesigned it to look more like something Diana would wear. This is ugly, and does little to pay homage to the history behind WW's original costume (where's the white and blue?).

Superboy called - he wants his 90's costume back.
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What do people not understand? You would think after the entire Diana Gabaldon "fanfic writers are like creepy stalkers that write porn about your children" fiasco that people would know better.

Writing fan fiction arguably falls under fair use (I say arguably, because while a fanfic writer is using someone else's copyrighted works, they are not making profit off of them or passing that work off as entirely their creation). SELLING fan fiction most certainly does NOT fall under fair use, and is undeniably copyright infringement. So when I see things like the fan mentioned here attempting to sell her fan fiction (under the guise of "Donations") and Torchwood fandom fic auctioning mentioned here, I want to bash my head (and theirs) against a wall.

Cut it out, people.

This type of crap is why a lot of professional writers fear fan fiction and think it's the Devil: because some people are trying to make monetary gains off their works. Find another way to put money in your respective pockets.

And finally, darling #1: You are 27. I am 29. I am criticizing your actions, and my criticism of you is no more valid than someone 10, 20, 30 or more years older than you solely because I fall within your age range. Shoot, even people 10 years younger than you can criticize what you are doing without their criticism being invalid because they are whippersnappers.

Ageism in fandom is annoying (how many times have some of us older fans heard "you're too old to be writing fan fiction/enjoying fannish things!" by other fans and people who don't get fandom? And what about younger fans who are often derided when people assume that bad grammar/horrid plots has to have been committed by someone their age?), and no one is "picking on you" when they call you out because you are doing something that is considered a huge no-no in fandom.
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1) Watched all seasons of Poirot and am current except for the latest episode. I love and enjoy the show, especially since Hercule Poirot is my second favorite fictional detective after Batman. I also watched the Poirot movies. I'm undecided as to who I prefer as Poirot, Suchet portrays him true to the character - but Ustinov really made the role fit him.

2) Finally buckled down and picked up the new Batgirl series. I. Am. In. Love. This is what I wanted to see from DC: a lighthearted book that doesn't take itself seriously. I fully enjoy the new Batgirl (Stephanie Brown), and I haven't enjoyed a Batgirl since Barbara Gordon was in the mantle (I just could not get into Cassandra Cain). Also, dammit, the series made me like Damian Wayne! I was all set to hate that little fucker for eternity, but daaaaaaaaamn I truly loved the banter between him and Batgirl. Also, my Dick Grayson/Barbara Gordon nostalgia kicked in (even though it looks like they might be hooking Babs up with Gotham's newest police officer).

3) Am writing a House, M.D fic. Foreman/Cameron oneshot. Will be interesting to see the response to it.

4) Fuck you, WB, for deciding that since the Wonder Woman movie "didn't do so well", that you don't want to animate any more female superheroes. Um, Green Lantern did the same as Wonder Woman and he's getting a fucking series? Yeah, it's the fact that it's a female superhero, and not the fact you didn't promote the shit. Etta Candy fail aside, I loved the movie. Meanwhile, I'm still excited for Batman: Under the Hood.

5) Suitors hates me. I hate it. :(


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