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LJ has finally bumped it's mahfuggin' head all the way with this ugly new format and removing the goddamn subject lines and ability to preview. I'm going to start the complete move over to Dreamwidth soon.
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Pomegranate 7up is on sale again for the holidays here! I love this stuff! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

I am going to stock up this time, because it is so awesome. I bought three of them last night, I am totally going to buy about 20 of those damn things. I let one of them get ice cold in the freezer, I swear I am going to break out the wine glasses for this. LOL drinking 7up from a wine glass.
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Title: DressCrossed: Can't. Unsee. It.
Author: Batty_Gal a.k.a Tetra26
Rating: T
Fandom: Kyou Kara Maou
Pairing: Wolfram/Murata, Yuuri, ???
Word Count: 100
Fic Type: Drabble; Humor
Summary: Yuuri forgets his manners and walks in on Wolfram and Murata playing games with each other.
Notes: This is part two of a series of unconnected drabbles with the same theme: Crossdressing.
Yuuri knew better than to enter a room without knocking first. )
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Earlier today, I called and left a message for my dad after finding out some information for him online. Or so I thought.

Hours later, I come home and check my messages to see if he called me back. What did I find?

I left the message... on my own answering service. That's right. I dialed my OWN home and left a message for my dad on my own answering maching, from my own phone number! I didn't even think twice about it, since we have the same generic lady asking to leave a message on the phone. I should have known better since he's had the same phone number since I was in kindergarten, and I've only had this number for a couple of years. I have never mistaken the two numbers, because aside from the first two digits, they are not similar at all.

I look so dumb right now. However, I called him and told him, and we had a good laugh over it (dad was rolling at my expense, he couldn't even get his words out, he rarely laughs like that so this amused me greatly). I ♥ my dad.
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Ganking this link from [ profile] blackfolk.

Tomorrow morning, November 21st 2009, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie is airing! A brand new one! Animated, too!

And guess what: it's the old TMNT meeting the new ones!!! It's so very hard to believe this show came on 25 years ago. That makes me feel so very old, because it was airing brand new episodes when I was a whippersnapper (like most of you all on my FL are currently, LOL)

Here's the trailer.

I'm there!
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As of Saturday (it's Sunday here right now, lol), this week I clocked in at 17,991 words this week, which is less than twenty words more than last week.

Total NaNoWriMo count is:

35,970! Who would have thought I could write that much? LOL I didn't.

It's funny, though. I'm not completely in love with this plot, but I'm in love with the characters that keep popping up. I still haven't done any character sheets, but it's alright. Every time I'm writing a scene with one of them, I throw in an aspect of their personality.

Which reminds me: guess which KKM character unintentionally showed up in one of my characters? Three hints:

1) It's a he.
2) He is very possessive (hyuk hyuk hyuk).
3) He is not Wolfram.

Who's that man? )
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Title: Kinks: Killing
Author: Batty_Gal a.k.a Tetra26
Rating: T
Fandom: Kyou Kara Maou
Pairing: Wolfram/???; Murata
Word Count: 100
Fic Type: Drabble; Humor; Crack
Summary: Murata understands Wolfram's obsession.

Notes: This is part five of a series of unconnected drabbles with the same theme: kinks.
Anytime he ruthlessly killed someone, it turned Wolfram on. )
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It's over for me.


Another one is here.


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