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LJ has finally bumped it's mahfuggin' head all the way with this ugly new format and removing the goddamn subject lines and ability to preview. I'm going to start the complete move over to Dreamwidth soon.
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I hope everyone had a great day today, regardless of whether or not you are celebrating Thanksgiving.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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Pomegranate 7up is on sale again for the holidays here! I love this stuff! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

I am going to stock up this time, because it is so awesome. I bought three of them last night, I am totally going to buy about 20 of those damn things. I let one of them get ice cold in the freezer, I swear I am going to break out the wine glasses for this. LOL drinking 7up from a wine glass.
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I've went back and re-edited Suitors a bit. Only a few minor changes, like Conrad to Conrart, correcting a few grammatical errors, and removing a subplot that was going nowhere and contradicted later chapters that's coming.

And, just so this post won't be a total waste, let's discuss food and allergies!

1) I finally mastered the art of fried chicken. This has been eluding me for quite some time, and I often gave up in frustration or simply dealt with frying chicken that was good, but not that tasty greatness that a lot of my relatives can do. The key (at least for me), was to season the flour (Lowery's seasoning salt + fresh ground pepper + McCormick's Garlic and Herb seasoning FTW) and not the chicken, put the flour in a bag, and coat the chicken that way, then remove the coated chicken and set it on a plate to let the flour "stick" to the chicken a bit. Plus, heating up the oil slowly on a medium heat helped in not having chicken that browned too quickly (as was one of my errors). I had golden brown, crispy fried deliciousness. I guess good food really does take time to master!

Also, I ended up turning some of what I fried into some yummy hot wings by quickly tossing (by quickly, I mean putting the fried chicken in a bowl, pouring a cup of sauce on them, and stirring just until they were coated) with a boiled homemade unsalted butter-hotsauce-hot chili oil concoction (this can be done with any wing sauce, however), arranging on one layer in a shallow baking pan, then putting in a 400 degree oven for ten-fifteen minutes. They came out crispy instead of soggy (like they were just fried - plus the crispy skin absorbed the sauce), and were excellent.

2) I have finally gotten over my aversion to fresh ginger! It used to be that even the smell of it was enough to make me retch (and eating it tasted like smelling Pine Sol), but I'm finally able to eat it without gagging. Unfortunately, I still cannot stand the smell or taste of cilantro. I walked past a bulk of it at a local mart, and almost vomited right there. DNW.

3) Somehow, I've become allergic to oranges again. I had been allergic to various citrus when I was a kid, but outgrew it. However, a whole host of food allergies popped up in my adulthood (various melons, banana, pineapple, mango, several nuts, etc.), right around the time after I gave birth (my pumpkin will be 8 later this month! ♥). A few days ago, I poured me a glass of orange juice, took one sip, and my tongue started swelling and my throat closed up. That means I'm down to apples as the only fruit that doesn't give me a reaction, and I'm not very fond of those. I still eat pineapple even though it makes my tongue swell a bit. The others have gotten so severe within the past year that I won't even chance them that much. :(
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I hit the 50k mark on Friday, btw.

This has truly been fun for me. My novel is not finished, so I'm still writing (I've decided to hit the goal every day until Nov 30th, who knows I might even hit 75k). I managed to complete something this long (LOL I'm always giving up on things).

More thoughts behind the cut )
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Well, I'm finished with this week's NaNo. Total week count from Sunday to Saturday is:


Current count (this updates when I update, I think?):

I surprised myself!

My daily goals have been 1) hit the daily goal for NaNo (1667.7777777whatdafuckever) and 2) finish a chapter a day (my chapters are short).

Breakdown on words a day, and discoveries about myself )

All in all, it's been a fun week so far. I haven't pushed myself too much, and I have set limits. For example, instead of playing Tropico like I want to (the old one - I still love that game so very much. One of these days I'm going to get a new computer that's able to run the new one. One of these days...) I wrote chapter 7.

I'll post an update next week! ♥


Oct. 9th, 2009 07:21 pm
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National Novel Writing Month

Anyone doing it this year?

I'm thinking about doing it with original fiction.
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What's up, everyone? I'm back online! I've missed everyone so much! I hope that everyone's in good health, and I'll try to catch up on everyone's posts, but I'll be busy since I'm in the process of finding another job (not subbing this year after all *sigh*).

All is well with me, I'm on DSL instead of Roadrunner now, and I'm trying to get used to it. This dumb thing keeps going down on me, but all should be fixed by tomorrow. I actually was hooked up Thursday, but every time I'd try to go to a webpage, I'd get knocked off the Internet. If I don't reply tonight, I'll definitely respond tomorrow.

My writing has been sort of slow due to things in my personal life picking up. I'm still working on Suitors, but I'm having a time due to being pulled into two different directions by two different plot ideas. I think I sort of wrote myself into a hole with that one - I should have done what I did with TAATS (lol will never be unfunny to me) and written the entire thing out at one time. I'll be posting some drabbles here and there, so something should be up.

Anyhow, I'm glad to be back, and I've missed everyone! *smooches*
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It's over for me.


Another one is here.
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Please go here and show your support for the same-sex couples who's marriages are in danger. A lot of times people say that Internet petitions/ e-mails are useless, but I was once a part of one that helped to overturn a restrictive (and racist) dress code that penalized black workers for wearing African-based hairstyles (including simply wearing the natural, non-chemically processed hair we were born with). I know that they can work sometimes, and all it takes is a quick visit and a few minutes of your time.

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Banned Durex Condom Commercial:

Cut because Youtube shows the worst moment in the preview )
Nevermind me, I'll be over here making arrangements to fall in the closest open grave...
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Alright everyone, I've managed to take up knitting! Actually, I taught myself months ago when I made my daughter a scarf, but I'm doing it seriously now. For real. (Any bets on how long I'll last doing so?). I blame Gwendal for this (and yes, my first project looked quite Gwendal-ish).

Also, I'd appreciate if any of you fellow KKM fans would point me to where I can understand this whole new thing about Murata's lifetimes. I wanted to start posting my fic, but if it contradicts this new explanation he has I need to rework a LOT of it -- unfortunately. I'm going to put the first chapter up soon because there's no reworking necessary in the first couple of chapters.

Also, I'm revamping the next in my DC fic -- I have to do a lot of research so that I can get the next few chapter right.
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It brought tears to my eyes when I read that California has legalized same-sex marriage.

I wish happiness to all of you who are going to take advantage of this wonderful event!

That's 2 states down, 48 to go.

And for all you haters out there, love is love.


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