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1) I finally got to watch Toy Story 3 yesterday. Not gonna lie, I cried at the end. I mean, I was straight up boo-hooing. It was an excellent movie, by far my favorite out of the three.

2) Out of boredom, I watched Tyler Perry's "Daddy's Little Girls" Saturday night. I have to say, it was much better than I thought it would be, though some of Tyler's "issues" with black women (particularly those who are educated) were still present. Still, not nearly as much misogyny as "Why Did I Get Married?" (I didn't bother watching the sequel, ugh), and the plot, though a bit weak and cliche in parts, was far more decent than some of the things he's come out with.

Speaking of Tyler Perry and black women, I still haven't decided whether or not to see "For Colored Girls". I mean, the cast is excellent (and it's sad that Tyler Perry is one of the ONLY people giving black actors/actresses of this caliber work), and I know he is only adapting the work from someone else, but I don't know. I have a habit of walking away from his movies pissed off.

3) My NaNo fic is stalled. I decided to start late, and did not have time to plan it out accordingly. I still have time to at least get it up to 50k (it stands at 22k right now), but if I don't like where it is heading, what's the point?
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I've finally buckled down and decided to get a beta because my current ongoing fic is sprawling and I need direction. Why is it so hard to find a beta reader? I've looked at the beta profiles on and lol forever. Someone needs to beta some of those profiles...

Anyone have suggestions where I can look? Should I ask on one of the main KKM comms? Or is that just asking for trouble, lol?

Also, who's doing NaNoWriMo this year? I thought about it, but I've been feeling so sick I don't think I can commit to it this year. If I do, either I'll finish the book from last year (Urban Paranormal Lit, fuck yeah!), write a prequel to it (because I think it would come off better if I wrote out some events that happened prior to this book re: the protagonist's father), or write some long dramatic-ass swan song fanfic for Kyou Kara Maou.
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What do people not understand? You would think after the entire Diana Gabaldon "fanfic writers are like creepy stalkers that write porn about your children" fiasco that people would know better.

Writing fan fiction arguably falls under fair use (I say arguably, because while a fanfic writer is using someone else's copyrighted works, they are not making profit off of them or passing that work off as entirely their creation). SELLING fan fiction most certainly does NOT fall under fair use, and is undeniably copyright infringement. So when I see things like the fan mentioned here attempting to sell her fan fiction (under the guise of "Donations") and Torchwood fandom fic auctioning mentioned here, I want to bash my head (and theirs) against a wall.

Cut it out, people.

This type of crap is why a lot of professional writers fear fan fiction and think it's the Devil: because some people are trying to make monetary gains off their works. Find another way to put money in your respective pockets.

And finally, darling #1: You are 27. I am 29. I am criticizing your actions, and my criticism of you is no more valid than someone 10, 20, 30 or more years older than you solely because I fall within your age range. Shoot, even people 10 years younger than you can criticize what you are doing without their criticism being invalid because they are whippersnappers.

Ageism in fandom is annoying (how many times have some of us older fans heard "you're too old to be writing fan fiction/enjoying fannish things!" by other fans and people who don't get fandom? And what about younger fans who are often derided when people assume that bad grammar/horrid plots has to have been committed by someone their age?), and no one is "picking on you" when they call you out because you are doing something that is considered a huge no-no in fandom.
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1) Watched all seasons of Poirot and am current except for the latest episode. I love and enjoy the show, especially since Hercule Poirot is my second favorite fictional detective after Batman. I also watched the Poirot movies. I'm undecided as to who I prefer as Poirot, Suchet portrays him true to the character - but Ustinov really made the role fit him.

2) Finally buckled down and picked up the new Batgirl series. I. Am. In. Love. This is what I wanted to see from DC: a lighthearted book that doesn't take itself seriously. I fully enjoy the new Batgirl (Stephanie Brown), and I haven't enjoyed a Batgirl since Barbara Gordon was in the mantle (I just could not get into Cassandra Cain). Also, dammit, the series made me like Damian Wayne! I was all set to hate that little fucker for eternity, but daaaaaaaaamn I truly loved the banter between him and Batgirl. Also, my Dick Grayson/Barbara Gordon nostalgia kicked in (even though it looks like they might be hooking Babs up with Gotham's newest police officer).

3) Am writing a House, M.D fic. Foreman/Cameron oneshot. Will be interesting to see the response to it.

4) Fuck you, WB, for deciding that since the Wonder Woman movie "didn't do so well", that you don't want to animate any more female superheroes. Um, Green Lantern did the same as Wonder Woman and he's getting a fucking series? Yeah, it's the fact that it's a female superhero, and not the fact you didn't promote the shit. Etta Candy fail aside, I loved the movie. Meanwhile, I'm still excited for Batman: Under the Hood.

5) Suitors hates me. I hate it. :(
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I've been sick all week with whothefuckknows (I don't have health insurance, so it's not like I can pop up into the doctor's office and find out). I even missed much of Thanksgiving (I did cook, but I did not eat anything until late that night and spent most of the day in bed).

On the plus side, it's a good thing I hit my NaNoWriMo goal last week, or I would have failed immensely. I only wrote like 3000 words this week, LOL.

Speaking of writing, Suitors does not like me very much right now. I'm being pulled into two different plot directions, both of which are interesting.

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Taken from a Deadpool fic (which was sporked here):

I roll my rainforest-colored eyes.

I can't!

Also, after I post the rest of the Kinks drabbles, I'm going to go back and re-edit all my older fics. Tedious, but I was re-reading them the other day and cringing at my old mistakes (the blond did this, the blond did that, the fire mazoku this, the fire mazoku that + Holy italics, Batman!). I'm finalizing the second oneshot that goes to TAATS (which is the first fic I'm going to revamp). I'm also completely finished with the third oneshot (well, sometimes I go back and change things up at the last minute) - but the second one needs to go before that one. I'll probably post the next set of themed drabbles before either of those, however.

I still have 9 chapters of a Do. Not. Want. sequel sitting on my hard drive, as well as a crack M-preg and several oneshots. Eventually, I'll do something with them - even if that means cutting them up and using the parts in other stories.
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What's up, everyone? I'm back online! I've missed everyone so much! I hope that everyone's in good health, and I'll try to catch up on everyone's posts, but I'll be busy since I'm in the process of finding another job (not subbing this year after all *sigh*).

All is well with me, I'm on DSL instead of Roadrunner now, and I'm trying to get used to it. This dumb thing keeps going down on me, but all should be fixed by tomorrow. I actually was hooked up Thursday, but every time I'd try to go to a webpage, I'd get knocked off the Internet. If I don't reply tonight, I'll definitely respond tomorrow.

My writing has been sort of slow due to things in my personal life picking up. I'm still working on Suitors, but I'm having a time due to being pulled into two different directions by two different plot ideas. I think I sort of wrote myself into a hole with that one - I should have done what I did with TAATS (lol will never be unfunny to me) and written the entire thing out at one time. I'll be posting some drabbles here and there, so something should be up.

Anyhow, I'm glad to be back, and I've missed everyone! *smooches*
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I just read chapter 7 of 07-Ghosts, and my heart is broken. ;_;

Still, I can't wait for the anime in April! I think I'm going to stop reading there and watch the rest in animated form. It's nice that there's something coming up that can fill the void that Kyou Kara Maou has left. I'm thinking about going back and re-watching all of the KKM episodes once season 3 has been fully subbed.

Speaking of KKM, Murder at Blood Pledge Castle is coming along pretty well, I'm just working on the plot some more. The Wolfram's suitors fic (which has no title at the moment) is being worked on as well, I'm just polishing up the plot and trying to decide what the end pairing will be. I think once I finish those two long fics, as well as the oneshot sequels to TAATS and everything from the Wolfram project, I might take a break from this fandom and write for others. I don't know yet, however.

Also, let me give a big Happy Birthday to [ profile] chalp! Hope you have a good one!
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I am having a TIME writing for my OTP (Wolfram x Yuuri)! I've been working on the sequel to "Do. Not. Want." for quite some time now, and it isn't working. Like, at all. I have 6 chapters done (and even managed to throw in another unrelated couple that I've NEVER written before!), but I can't get out those last chapters. *sigh*

Why is it that I can easily write crack pairings and pairings that step outside of the box of my OTP seriously or slightly, but not my OTP? Maybe it's because there's so much out there featuring the two that I feel that I can't contribute anything new/refreshing? I mean, everything's pretty much been done already. It's like that episode of South Park "The Simpsons Already Did It", only with my OTP.

And someone raised a good point the other day -- can I actually considered Wolfram x Yuuri my OTP if I'm all-too-willing to pair Wolfram up with others? And, speaking of pairings that I like and can't write -- I want so badly to write Conrad x Wolfram... but every time I try I keep putting it away or trying to turn it into a brotherly love only thing. *Harvey Birdman sigh*

The sequel to "1 Up" is coming along nicely (2 and a half chapters in it). I'm going to have to work on Gwendal's cousin a little more - though I have Anissina's cousins and their mother's personalities done nicely (at least, I think I have -- I might to post a list of their character personality/traits later this week and see what y'all think - I've never done any OCs before so I'm unsure of treading there even though they'll mainly be there for comedic relief). As of yet, I haven't decided who Wolfram will end up with -- but for once, he's going to be the one pursued (not only by OCs, but by canon men). Last chapter of 1 Up will be up this week, just doing some last minute tweaking/plot polishing.

I also have a Wolfram and Walterona(Waltorana?) tragedy/angst fic sitting on my harddrive (for the Wolfram project), inspired by one of you all. I'm deciding on whether or not to give it a semi-happy ending.
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So... do you think it's too cliched for two people to confess their love for one another and have sex the same night in a fic? Even if they've been giving each other the runaround for almost 2 years (one of those years in which they were too scared to admit their feelings based on past heartbreak/fear of being a substitute for another)?

I'm asking because I have written and rewritten Chapter 12 of my fic, and I'm not feeling it. I'm not feeling the "I love you, same here, let's do it", nor am I feeling the "I love you, I love you too the end" aspect. *sigh*
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Have you ever written a story just to find that it isn't going anywhere?

I find myself having this problem with several of my stories. Either I start off strong and the fic devolves (like this Wolfram x Shinou thing that I should probably just delete), or I'll start off with one plot and end up with a completely different plot(I'm looking at you, unfinished ConWolf fic that was initially a Wolfyuu fic). And don't get me started on my trouble with sequels. I've been trying to finish the sequel to the Wolfram x Saralegui "1 Up" for many months now, and I have two completely different plots that I'm trying to either reconcile or decide between. Same problem with the sequel to "Do. Not. Want." *sigh*

The saddest thing is that each of these unfinished fics are 3,000+ words, which goes to show that quantity =/= quality.


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