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Alright, y'all, I need you guize to solve a girlfight between a blaeaboo (black weeaboo) and a tweeblaboo (tiny black weeaboo).

Which Hana Yori Dango insert song is superior?


This is serious business. It comes down to choice of movie from the Redbox tomorrow, and I do NOT want to see the damn Tooth Fairy for the fifth time, lol.


Oct. 9th, 2009 07:21 pm
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National Novel Writing Month

Anyone doing it this year?

I'm thinking about doing it with original fiction.
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I am having a TIME writing for my OTP (Wolfram x Yuuri)! I've been working on the sequel to "Do. Not. Want." for quite some time now, and it isn't working. Like, at all. I have 6 chapters done (and even managed to throw in another unrelated couple that I've NEVER written before!), but I can't get out those last chapters. *sigh*

Why is it that I can easily write crack pairings and pairings that step outside of the box of my OTP seriously or slightly, but not my OTP? Maybe it's because there's so much out there featuring the two that I feel that I can't contribute anything new/refreshing? I mean, everything's pretty much been done already. It's like that episode of South Park "The Simpsons Already Did It", only with my OTP.

And someone raised a good point the other day -- can I actually considered Wolfram x Yuuri my OTP if I'm all-too-willing to pair Wolfram up with others? And, speaking of pairings that I like and can't write -- I want so badly to write Conrad x Wolfram... but every time I try I keep putting it away or trying to turn it into a brotherly love only thing. *Harvey Birdman sigh*

The sequel to "1 Up" is coming along nicely (2 and a half chapters in it). I'm going to have to work on Gwendal's cousin a little more - though I have Anissina's cousins and their mother's personalities done nicely (at least, I think I have -- I might to post a list of their character personality/traits later this week and see what y'all think - I've never done any OCs before so I'm unsure of treading there even though they'll mainly be there for comedic relief). As of yet, I haven't decided who Wolfram will end up with -- but for once, he's going to be the one pursued (not only by OCs, but by canon men). Last chapter of 1 Up will be up this week, just doing some last minute tweaking/plot polishing.

I also have a Wolfram and Walterona(Waltorana?) tragedy/angst fic sitting on my harddrive (for the Wolfram project), inspired by one of you all. I'm deciding on whether or not to give it a semi-happy ending.
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So... do you think it's too cliched for two people to confess their love for one another and have sex the same night in a fic? Even if they've been giving each other the runaround for almost 2 years (one of those years in which they were too scared to admit their feelings based on past heartbreak/fear of being a substitute for another)?

I'm asking because I have written and rewritten Chapter 12 of my fic, and I'm not feeling it. I'm not feeling the "I love you, same here, let's do it", nor am I feeling the "I love you, I love you too the end" aspect. *sigh*
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1) I wrote this... thing in which Wolfram does everyone... except Yuuri. Just where would I post this? It's filled with sexual situations and cussing (as well as incest). Candidate for the KKM Capslock comm (it's sheer parody)? I know I'm not putting it up on (at least, I have no immediate plans to).

2) Went back to chapter 12 of my Wolfram x Murata fic, and I'm deciding on whether or not to put a sanitized version of this chapter on and the regular, slightly-more explicit chapter on here, or just to put the damn thing under M there (if people are like me, they forget to click those damn buttons to show the M fics)? Suggestions?

3) Deleting things in your Livejournal inbox doesn't delete the entries in your journal, does it? I have messages from when I first started this thing in there...
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I've been posting my fics on both the KKM_Wolframfans comm as well as the main KKM comm, but I'm thinking that it isn't necessary to do so considering that the Daily Maou comm indexes what has been posted that day.

So, should I cut down to posting at one comm? And which one? I realize that not everyone reads both comms -- but I was thinking that those that don't read both might come across the fic on the Daily Maou comm.


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