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Thanks for your kind words in regards to the loss of my mother. I'm dealing with it better, bit by bit, and I know that I'll be alright.

Alright, sad stuff aside, I realize I hadn't posted in quite a while before my last post. Several fandom things happened in that time. Do y'all want the good news, the bad news, or the worst news first? Sadly, I think they might vary amongst you all.

The Good News: I feel inspired to write.

The Bad News: I'm not inspired to finish up anything I started writing or anything KKM related (*sigh*). Everything has been original, or fic snippets that will never see the light of the Internet.

The Worst News: Somehow, I became a fan of the show Supernatural (I know, I know.

News Better than that previous bit: But not enough to write for it or ship anything or do anything other than laugh at other fans.

The Interesting news: My daughter is now a KKM fan. Her favorite character is Günter, lol, and she calls it "The Yuuri Show" instead of by its name. She also wants to be Günter for Halloween, extra lol. I guess I'll have to ask on the comm where I can find a costume or something.

The Obvious news: I've discovered that I don't like it very much when characters I love die permanently, not even for ~storyline purposes~. A good story is a good story, I used to think - but I'm to a point where I just can't stand it anymore. The City Hunter Kdrama really screwed me up, because two of my favorites died in that. I'm still not over that last HP book, so much so that I refuse to even bother with those last movies or that last book (or really the last two books - in my mind Snape and Dumbledore are not dead LA LA LA LA LA). I can't even bear re-watching Rose of Versailles anymore, it's so tiring and depressing. Maybe I'll get over this hangup, I guess I'm tired of dealing with death and dying even of fictional characters (yeah, and becoming a Supernatural fan was such a good idea, self?).

Oh yeah, I wanted to tell y'all some fandom silliness. Can I just say that one of the best fandom meltdowns I have EVER seen has been happening in the One Life To Live fandom? For those of you who don't know the canon and don't care, all I have to say is imagine a fan favorite character's actor left the show and was killed off on the show, and then was replaced by someone new playing the same character with the excuse of having had plastic surgery to explain why he looks different. That new person stayed in the role for 8 years, played the role differently and got his own set of fans (while fans of the old actor mostly did not like the way he took the character), until the old actor came back and it was revealed that the new version was a fake all along brainwashed into believing he was the original character but is actually a twin of his. Then the fake gets killed off two weeks later. Throw in fans shipping the character with two different women, and KABOOM. It's beautiful, people. Beautiful.
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Alright, y'all, I need you guize to solve a girlfight between a blaeaboo (black weeaboo) and a tweeblaboo (tiny black weeaboo).

Which Hana Yori Dango insert song is superior?


This is serious business. It comes down to choice of movie from the Redbox tomorrow, and I do NOT want to see the damn Tooth Fairy for the fifth time, lol.
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What do people not understand? You would think after the entire Diana Gabaldon "fanfic writers are like creepy stalkers that write porn about your children" fiasco that people would know better.

Writing fan fiction arguably falls under fair use (I say arguably, because while a fanfic writer is using someone else's copyrighted works, they are not making profit off of them or passing that work off as entirely their creation). SELLING fan fiction most certainly does NOT fall under fair use, and is undeniably copyright infringement. So when I see things like the fan mentioned here attempting to sell her fan fiction (under the guise of "Donations") and Torchwood fandom fic auctioning mentioned here, I want to bash my head (and theirs) against a wall.

Cut it out, people.

This type of crap is why a lot of professional writers fear fan fiction and think it's the Devil: because some people are trying to make monetary gains off their works. Find another way to put money in your respective pockets.

And finally, darling #1: You are 27. I am 29. I am criticizing your actions, and my criticism of you is no more valid than someone 10, 20, 30 or more years older than you solely because I fall within your age range. Shoot, even people 10 years younger than you can criticize what you are doing without their criticism being invalid because they are whippersnappers.

Ageism in fandom is annoying (how many times have some of us older fans heard "you're too old to be writing fan fiction/enjoying fannish things!" by other fans and people who don't get fandom? And what about younger fans who are often derided when people assume that bad grammar/horrid plots has to have been committed by someone their age?), and no one is "picking on you" when they call you out because you are doing something that is considered a huge no-no in fandom.
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Please go here and show your support for the same-sex couples who's marriages are in danger. A lot of times people say that Internet petitions/ e-mails are useless, but I was once a part of one that helped to overturn a restrictive (and racist) dress code that penalized black workers for wearing African-based hairstyles (including simply wearing the natural, non-chemically processed hair we were born with). I know that they can work sometimes, and all it takes is a quick visit and a few minutes of your time.



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