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LJ has finally bumped it's mahfuggin' head all the way with this ugly new format and removing the goddamn subject lines and ability to preview. I'm going to start the complete move over to Dreamwidth soon.
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Pomegranate 7up is on sale again for the holidays here! I love this stuff! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

I am going to stock up this time, because it is so awesome. I bought three of them last night, I am totally going to buy about 20 of those damn things. I let one of them get ice cold in the freezer, I swear I am going to break out the wine glasses for this. LOL drinking 7up from a wine glass.
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1) I finally got to watch Toy Story 3 yesterday. Not gonna lie, I cried at the end. I mean, I was straight up boo-hooing. It was an excellent movie, by far my favorite out of the three.

2) Out of boredom, I watched Tyler Perry's "Daddy's Little Girls" Saturday night. I have to say, it was much better than I thought it would be, though some of Tyler's "issues" with black women (particularly those who are educated) were still present. Still, not nearly as much misogyny as "Why Did I Get Married?" (I didn't bother watching the sequel, ugh), and the plot, though a bit weak and cliche in parts, was far more decent than some of the things he's come out with.

Speaking of Tyler Perry and black women, I still haven't decided whether or not to see "For Colored Girls". I mean, the cast is excellent (and it's sad that Tyler Perry is one of the ONLY people giving black actors/actresses of this caliber work), and I know he is only adapting the work from someone else, but I don't know. I have a habit of walking away from his movies pissed off.

3) My NaNo fic is stalled. I decided to start late, and did not have time to plan it out accordingly. I still have time to at least get it up to 50k (it stands at 22k right now), but if I don't like where it is heading, what's the point?
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FML Wednesday #4 is up at [ profile] capslock_kkm. Come join us! ♥

Also, after the latest House MD wank (some idiot drew a racist drawing of Foreman, got called on it, decided to apologize and then retract apology, and another idiot drew an even more racist one in retaliation to the people upset over the drawing), and threatening to watch the show just to infiltrate the fandom with Foreman fics, I finally broke down and watched a few episodes of the show.

I. Am. In. Love.

I've only watched the first five episodes (including the Pilot), and I'm already hooked. House? Is a magnificent bastard. I just love asshole characters like this.

I'm hoping this show will inspire me to write a fic or two. So far, I don't ship anything - but I'm highly interested in exploring Foreman and not necessarily in a romantic fic (and, to be honest, I would probably end up writing a Mary Sue insert because I've been attracted to Omar Epps since the movie "Higher Learning").
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I hit the 50k mark on Friday, btw.

This has truly been fun for me. My novel is not finished, so I'm still writing (I've decided to hit the goal every day until Nov 30th, who knows I might even hit 75k). I managed to complete something this long (LOL I'm always giving up on things).

More thoughts behind the cut )
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Ganking this link from [ profile] blackfolk.

Tomorrow morning, November 21st 2009, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie is airing! A brand new one! Animated, too!

And guess what: it's the old TMNT meeting the new ones!!! It's so very hard to believe this show came on 25 years ago. That makes me feel so very old, because it was airing brand new episodes when I was a whippersnapper (like most of you all on my FL are currently, LOL)

Here's the trailer.

I'm there!
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So, I finally got the chance to watch the anime "Cowboy Bebop". Don't worry - there are no major spoilers in this in case you haven't seen it.

First of all, it's not in a genre I prefer. In fact, the genres and tropes it falls under/exhibits are ones I usually actively avoid (Space, Destroyed Earth, etc.) - but since it's in the crime genre I dove right in. I mainly watched this out of desperation for something new to watch, when usually I would pass it by. Very rarely do I find something outside of my preferred genres that I like, and this show was a prime example of why I usually stick to those genres.

Overall, I didn't like it - but considering that it's not a genre I like, I'm really not that surprised. It really did nothing for me. It had its LOLtastical moments, but I felt underwhelmed by the storyline and the ending. I think had the Spike/Vicious animosity been addressed in all the episodes, i.e having each case connected to it, I might have liked it more. I do love the music, however.

It's funny, though. I took a peek at the fan fiction section, and Spike/Faye seems to be the most popular pairing. I saw more potential in Jet/Faye, personally.


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