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1) I finally got to watch Toy Story 3 yesterday. Not gonna lie, I cried at the end. I mean, I was straight up boo-hooing. It was an excellent movie, by far my favorite out of the three.

2) Out of boredom, I watched Tyler Perry's "Daddy's Little Girls" Saturday night. I have to say, it was much better than I thought it would be, though some of Tyler's "issues" with black women (particularly those who are educated) were still present. Still, not nearly as much misogyny as "Why Did I Get Married?" (I didn't bother watching the sequel, ugh), and the plot, though a bit weak and cliche in parts, was far more decent than some of the things he's come out with.

Speaking of Tyler Perry and black women, I still haven't decided whether or not to see "For Colored Girls". I mean, the cast is excellent (and it's sad that Tyler Perry is one of the ONLY people giving black actors/actresses of this caliber work), and I know he is only adapting the work from someone else, but I don't know. I have a habit of walking away from his movies pissed off.

3) My NaNo fic is stalled. I decided to start late, and did not have time to plan it out accordingly. I still have time to at least get it up to 50k (it stands at 22k right now), but if I don't like where it is heading, what's the point?
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I've finally buckled down and decided to get a beta because my current ongoing fic is sprawling and I need direction. Why is it so hard to find a beta reader? I've looked at the beta profiles on and lol forever. Someone needs to beta some of those profiles...

Anyone have suggestions where I can look? Should I ask on one of the main KKM comms? Or is that just asking for trouble, lol?

Also, who's doing NaNoWriMo this year? I thought about it, but I've been feeling so sick I don't think I can commit to it this year. If I do, either I'll finish the book from last year (Urban Paranormal Lit, fuck yeah!), write a prequel to it (because I think it would come off better if I wrote out some events that happened prior to this book re: the protagonist's father), or write some long dramatic-ass swan song fanfic for Kyou Kara Maou.
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I've went back and re-edited Suitors a bit. Only a few minor changes, like Conrad to Conrart, correcting a few grammatical errors, and removing a subplot that was going nowhere and contradicted later chapters that's coming.

And, just so this post won't be a total waste, let's discuss food and allergies!

1) I finally mastered the art of fried chicken. This has been eluding me for quite some time, and I often gave up in frustration or simply dealt with frying chicken that was good, but not that tasty greatness that a lot of my relatives can do. The key (at least for me), was to season the flour (Lowery's seasoning salt + fresh ground pepper + McCormick's Garlic and Herb seasoning FTW) and not the chicken, put the flour in a bag, and coat the chicken that way, then remove the coated chicken and set it on a plate to let the flour "stick" to the chicken a bit. Plus, heating up the oil slowly on a medium heat helped in not having chicken that browned too quickly (as was one of my errors). I had golden brown, crispy fried deliciousness. I guess good food really does take time to master!

Also, I ended up turning some of what I fried into some yummy hot wings by quickly tossing (by quickly, I mean putting the fried chicken in a bowl, pouring a cup of sauce on them, and stirring just until they were coated) with a boiled homemade unsalted butter-hotsauce-hot chili oil concoction (this can be done with any wing sauce, however), arranging on one layer in a shallow baking pan, then putting in a 400 degree oven for ten-fifteen minutes. They came out crispy instead of soggy (like they were just fried - plus the crispy skin absorbed the sauce), and were excellent.

2) I have finally gotten over my aversion to fresh ginger! It used to be that even the smell of it was enough to make me retch (and eating it tasted like smelling Pine Sol), but I'm finally able to eat it without gagging. Unfortunately, I still cannot stand the smell or taste of cilantro. I walked past a bulk of it at a local mart, and almost vomited right there. DNW.

3) Somehow, I've become allergic to oranges again. I had been allergic to various citrus when I was a kid, but outgrew it. However, a whole host of food allergies popped up in my adulthood (various melons, banana, pineapple, mango, several nuts, etc.), right around the time after I gave birth (my pumpkin will be 8 later this month! ♥). A few days ago, I poured me a glass of orange juice, took one sip, and my tongue started swelling and my throat closed up. That means I'm down to apples as the only fruit that doesn't give me a reaction, and I'm not very fond of those. I still eat pineapple even though it makes my tongue swell a bit. The others have gotten so severe within the past year that I won't even chance them that much. :(
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The Korean version of Hana Yori Dango (Boys Before Flowers) is awesome so far (I'm on episode 11).

And to think, I was thinking about foregoing it due to the bad things I've heard about it in comparison to the J-Drama, but I'll be... I think I like it a bit more than the J-Drama so far. Is it as true to the HYD manga as the J-Drama (or even the Taiwanese 'Meteor Garden' version)? No. But I like the changes (so far) and find them a bit refreshing.

However, just because I've gushed about it watch it be full of fail when I reach the ending. *crosses fingers that it won't*

Oh yeah, Suitors Ch. 7 should be up within a few days. *flees*
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1) So, I rewatched Hana Yori Dango the anime (and re-read the manga), HYD the J-drama, and I finally watched Meteor Garden I (I didn't bother watching Meteor Garden II because I read the synopsis and it seems as if they took the amnesia plot and dragged it out across 31 episodes) for the first time ever. I have yet to watch the Korean Boys Over Flowers, so I'm going to save my actor/plot comparisons until then.

I will say that I cannot decide which one was better between HYD J-drama and Meteor Garden, but I do like them both for what they are (and initially, I did not like the HYD J-drama at all but once again, that's because I did not appreciate the changes at the time).

2) I'm working on a few pieces exploring Mimasaka Akira, the most underrated and under-explored member of the F4 (and my favorite after Domyouji Tsukasa). Most of them are drabbles, but I do want to do something longish on him.

3) I'm working on my first crossover. Woot!

4) Decided to split the next chapter of Suitors into two. It's close to 10000 words. I'm happy, though: I've finally decided on a direction. I just want to write it in this direction a bit more before posting any of it.
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I've been sick all week with whothefuckknows (I don't have health insurance, so it's not like I can pop up into the doctor's office and find out). I even missed much of Thanksgiving (I did cook, but I did not eat anything until late that night and spent most of the day in bed).

On the plus side, it's a good thing I hit my NaNoWriMo goal last week, or I would have failed immensely. I only wrote like 3000 words this week, LOL.

Speaking of writing, Suitors does not like me very much right now. I'm being pulled into two different plot directions, both of which are interesting.

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I hit the 50k mark on Friday, btw.

This has truly been fun for me. My novel is not finished, so I'm still writing (I've decided to hit the goal every day until Nov 30th, who knows I might even hit 75k). I managed to complete something this long (LOL I'm always giving up on things).

More thoughts behind the cut )
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As of Saturday (it's Sunday here right now, lol), this week I clocked in at 17,991 words this week, which is less than twenty words more than last week.

Total NaNoWriMo count is:

35,970! Who would have thought I could write that much? LOL I didn't.

It's funny, though. I'm not completely in love with this plot, but I'm in love with the characters that keep popping up. I still haven't done any character sheets, but it's alright. Every time I'm writing a scene with one of them, I throw in an aspect of their personality.

Which reminds me: guess which KKM character unintentionally showed up in one of my characters? Three hints:

1) It's a he.
2) He is very possessive (hyuk hyuk hyuk).
3) He is not Wolfram.

Who's that man? )
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Well, I'm finished with this week's NaNo. Total week count from Sunday to Saturday is:


Current count (this updates when I update, I think?):

I surprised myself!

My daily goals have been 1) hit the daily goal for NaNo (1667.7777777whatdafuckever) and 2) finish a chapter a day (my chapters are short).

Breakdown on words a day, and discoveries about myself )

All in all, it's been a fun week so far. I haven't pushed myself too much, and I have set limits. For example, instead of playing Tropico like I want to (the old one - I still love that game so very much. One of these days I'm going to get a new computer that's able to run the new one. One of these days...) I wrote chapter 7.

I'll post an update next week! ♥


Oct. 9th, 2009 07:21 pm
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National Novel Writing Month

Anyone doing it this year?

I'm thinking about doing it with original fiction.
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Taken from a Deadpool fic (which was sporked here):

I roll my rainforest-colored eyes.

I can't!

Also, after I post the rest of the Kinks drabbles, I'm going to go back and re-edit all my older fics. Tedious, but I was re-reading them the other day and cringing at my old mistakes (the blond did this, the blond did that, the fire mazoku this, the fire mazoku that + Holy italics, Batman!). I'm finalizing the second oneshot that goes to TAATS (which is the first fic I'm going to revamp). I'm also completely finished with the third oneshot (well, sometimes I go back and change things up at the last minute) - but the second one needs to go before that one. I'll probably post the next set of themed drabbles before either of those, however.

I still have 9 chapters of a Do. Not. Want. sequel sitting on my hard drive, as well as a crack M-preg and several oneshots. Eventually, I'll do something with them - even if that means cutting them up and using the parts in other stories.
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I just read chapter 7 of 07-Ghosts, and my heart is broken. ;_;

Still, I can't wait for the anime in April! I think I'm going to stop reading there and watch the rest in animated form. It's nice that there's something coming up that can fill the void that Kyou Kara Maou has left. I'm thinking about going back and re-watching all of the KKM episodes once season 3 has been fully subbed.

Speaking of KKM, Murder at Blood Pledge Castle is coming along pretty well, I'm just working on the plot some more. The Wolfram's suitors fic (which has no title at the moment) is being worked on as well, I'm just polishing up the plot and trying to decide what the end pairing will be. I think once I finish those two long fics, as well as the oneshot sequels to TAATS and everything from the Wolfram project, I might take a break from this fandom and write for others. I don't know yet, however.

Also, let me give a big Happy Birthday to [ profile] chalp! Hope you have a good one!
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I am having a TIME writing for my OTP (Wolfram x Yuuri)! I've been working on the sequel to "Do. Not. Want." for quite some time now, and it isn't working. Like, at all. I have 6 chapters done (and even managed to throw in another unrelated couple that I've NEVER written before!), but I can't get out those last chapters. *sigh*

Why is it that I can easily write crack pairings and pairings that step outside of the box of my OTP seriously or slightly, but not my OTP? Maybe it's because there's so much out there featuring the two that I feel that I can't contribute anything new/refreshing? I mean, everything's pretty much been done already. It's like that episode of South Park "The Simpsons Already Did It", only with my OTP.

And someone raised a good point the other day -- can I actually considered Wolfram x Yuuri my OTP if I'm all-too-willing to pair Wolfram up with others? And, speaking of pairings that I like and can't write -- I want so badly to write Conrad x Wolfram... but every time I try I keep putting it away or trying to turn it into a brotherly love only thing. *Harvey Birdman sigh*

The sequel to "1 Up" is coming along nicely (2 and a half chapters in it). I'm going to have to work on Gwendal's cousin a little more - though I have Anissina's cousins and their mother's personalities done nicely (at least, I think I have -- I might to post a list of their character personality/traits later this week and see what y'all think - I've never done any OCs before so I'm unsure of treading there even though they'll mainly be there for comedic relief). As of yet, I haven't decided who Wolfram will end up with -- but for once, he's going to be the one pursued (not only by OCs, but by canon men). Last chapter of 1 Up will be up this week, just doing some last minute tweaking/plot polishing.

I also have a Wolfram and Walterona(Waltorana?) tragedy/angst fic sitting on my harddrive (for the Wolfram project), inspired by one of you all. I'm deciding on whether or not to give it a semi-happy ending.
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So... do you think it's too cliched for two people to confess their love for one another and have sex the same night in a fic? Even if they've been giving each other the runaround for almost 2 years (one of those years in which they were too scared to admit their feelings based on past heartbreak/fear of being a substitute for another)?

I'm asking because I have written and rewritten Chapter 12 of my fic, and I'm not feeling it. I'm not feeling the "I love you, same here, let's do it", nor am I feeling the "I love you, I love you too the end" aspect. *sigh*
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I finished my Wolfram x Murata TAATS fic! OMGOMGOMG, I'm extremely happy!

I'm especially happy because I have a bad habit of starting something, but not finishing it. I have been that way all of my life, and to know I can change this late in the game makes me feel so very happy.

It's also motivation to finally start seriously working on the book idea I've had for some years. It's different from fan fiction considering I have to take the time, invent and develop the characters, and create completely different scenes and back stories -- but I am much more motivated than I was before.

After this, I think I'm going to take the time and finish up a few sequels I've been tossing around (namely the sequel to the Wolfram x Saralegui "1 Up"), as well as plot out a fic involving Conrad and Wolfram. I'm going to see how Season 3 ends before tossing around the idea of a new Wolfram x Yuuri fic.

Sidenote: I was LOLLING something hard when my 6-year old was watching the news (she insists on seeing the weather every night -- WTF?), and this lady was spelling something. She pronounced "R" "arrrrrrrrugh" all long and pirate-like, and my daughter said "Girl, you're too old to be saying it like that! It's 'are'". I'm still laughing. She is a trip, journey, and safari rolled into one.
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Have you ever written a story just to find that it isn't going anywhere?

I find myself having this problem with several of my stories. Either I start off strong and the fic devolves (like this Wolfram x Shinou thing that I should probably just delete), or I'll start off with one plot and end up with a completely different plot(I'm looking at you, unfinished ConWolf fic that was initially a Wolfyuu fic). And don't get me started on my trouble with sequels. I've been trying to finish the sequel to the Wolfram x Saralegui "1 Up" for many months now, and I have two completely different plots that I'm trying to either reconcile or decide between. Same problem with the sequel to "Do. Not. Want." *sigh*

The saddest thing is that each of these unfinished fics are 3,000+ words, which goes to show that quantity =/= quality.
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KKM fans know what I'm talking about. I simply can't wait to get an icon of that "event". XDDDD I've had a Joker grin on my face ever since seeing that screen this morning (and I watched the Raw and was even more satisfied). This almost makes up for the lack of my OTP in season 3. Almost.

Also, I'm doing some editing on the next chapter of TAATS (LOL can't get over that), so it should be up soon -- probably this weekend. *crosses fingers*
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It's interesting, really. I've managed to fall somewhat back into the Batman fandom and fall somewhat out of the KKM fandom within the past week. WTF self?

Maybe it's because of the month-long KKM hiatus (LOL, it's only been one week), and the fact that the Dark Knight movie is coming out (as well as my having watched the Gotham Knights DVD shorts -- which were awesome btw)? I don't know. Or maybe I'm coming down from my new fandom high?

I still have a few fics I want to finish up however. Pretty much done with the Wolfram x Murata fic, just going back and hashing out a few things now (and inserting a crucial character that I totally did not intend to leave out). My Wolfram x Saralegui sequel is on hiatus because it seems forced (in other words, it's not coming together well for me right now -- for some reason it's starting to lose its lightheartedness, which is what I don't want). Also, my Wolfram x Yuuri "very unusual" mpreg fic will never see the light of day... >_>; I'd sooner post my Wolfram x Yozak one... D: I also have a Wolfram x Murata short that I have no clue what to do with... *sigh* I might insert it as "back story" for the long MuraWolf fic... It could explain the "moment" they started to... um... connect?

Also, I still haven't posted anything to my Detective Conan Fanfic 100 claim. I finished one, but I don't know, I don't think it's up to par enough to post. I have, however, started back working on "One Truth, Countless Lies". I had plotted that out months ago, and if I knew what I do now I would have written the bulk of it before posting any of it (I've found I work better that way).

One more thing: I wrote my first original short story -- I may post that after I rework it some. I've also been creating characters for an original (long) story I've been planning for about a year now -- I've written the "prologue" to that. I'm a late bloomer to writing, however -- so I'm still learning about characterization, etc. You're never too old to learn is my motto!
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So I had this lovely, wonderful title for my fic... until I changed my fic around completely. Now the title doesn't even remotely fit, and I can't name this massive thing! Someone, give me hints/clues as to how I can come up with a new title.

Also, I'm on the lookout for a Beta for my Wolfram x Murata fic. I'm almost finished, and since I'm going to go back and do more rewriting, may as well have the glaring errors corrected first.
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So, I got over that writer's block just to have another block.

I have a problem: I've written this long fic (Wolfram x Murata), up to chapter 12. The main plot comes to an end in chapter 8, and these extra chapters read more as a different story in the same "continuity" (which I didn't want to do).

I have three choices:

1) Cut out the extra chapters, and write an Epilogue with those extra chapters condensed down into it (or as oneshots).

2) Continue with the extra chapters under the same story, and risk readers losing interest (or going WTF?!) when the main plot ends.

3) Split the story in two.

The main plot doesn't resolve with the couple getting together. The extra chapters attempt to show the couple getting together (showing the romance essentially), but the main plot has already be solved. So, what would you do in this situation?


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