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Title: Secret Love
Author: [ profile] batty_gal
Rating: M (for Smut)
Fandom: KKM
Pairing: Shouri x ???
Fic Type: Oneshot
Word Count: 1067
Summary: Shouri couldn't understand how, or why, it started between them – but he could understand his feelings when faced with it stopping.

Notes: This fic is for the [ profile] kkm_shourifans Valentine's Challenge. I originally posted it there exclusively for a week, and I'm just archiving it here.

Secret Love
by Tetra26/Batty Gal

Shouri still couldn't understand just how, or why, it started between them.

One moment they were exchanging acidic barbs between each other, and in the next they were rolling around on his bed – grunting, panting, kissing, and begging for more than what they could do with their clothes still on.

After that first time, he took it as something accidental – or even incidental. He figured that there was no way in Hell that it would occur again. At least, not between them, of all people.

Well, color him surprised when he was pushed up against his bedroom door and blown right out of his mind one afternoon. It had momentarily worried him when Yuuri had knocked on his door during it all, asking if he had seen the person that had been in the middle of giving him the best head he had ever experienced. The moment Yuuri had turned the knob to his door, which was thankfully locked, he had shot off so hard that he could almost see confetti and balloons slowly floating down from the ceiling.

Finding out that they both got turned on when they were almost caught in the act set the standard for their later trysts. They found themselves going all out to find places where they could potentially be discovered. It especially excited them to know that they were doing a deed that they shouldn't be doing.

From the mutual hand job session they both shared in the living room of his house, to that time at Blood Pledge Castle when his lover rode him while he was sitting on Yuuri's throne late one night – no place was forbidden as far as they were concerned.

Well, at least up until that unfortunate incident in the barn, in which hay got in some very uncomfortable places. After that, they chose their mating spaces with a little more discretion.

It was also around that time that Shouri discovered that he loved to watch his partner while he engaged in a little solo play.

Watching his secret lover finger and stroke himself, while moaning about wishing it were him doing it to him instead, turned Shouri on immensely – and the sex that always came afterward would leave him unable to function properly for quite some time.

The best part of their relationship, however, was being separated for various lengths of time. That made things even more electric between them when they did get some alone time together, away from prying eyes.

It was after quite a lengthy separation when, during an extremely passionate moment up against the wall in his room at the castle, his secret partner cried out something that he had never expected to hear from the man.

“I love you!” he had gasped out against his neck.

Shouri had stopped mid-thrust after his declaration of love, unable to believe what he had heard.

“What?” he had asked.

He had watched as the man's face had shown a look he had never seen on him before.

Sheer horror.

“I didn't mean... I... I'm sorry,” he had said, his voice uncharacteristically small.

He had stood there, stupidly, as his lover had pushed away from him and gathered his clothing.

“I don't want to do this anymore,” he whispered, after he pulled his clothing on. “I can't do this anymore.”

Shouri had watched, speechless, as he had fled after saying those words.

It was only seconds later that he realized that – if given the chance – he would have said something that perhaps would have made them both happy.

He made up his mind to immediately let his lover know how he felt.

He rapidly pulled on his pants, not bothering with a shirt or shoes – and ran out of his room. He caught his lover just as he reached the stairs – and as he started to protest, he pulled him towards him and shut him up with a kiss.

When his partner pulled away, angrily, Shouri said what he didn't get a chance to say to him before he ran off.

“I love you, too.”

After he admitted his love, they momentarily forgot themselves in a passionate kiss right there at the top of the stairs. It wasn't until they heard someone clear their throat that they realized just how reckless they had been – this time, unintentionally.

They both turned to look at the one that discovered them, and were horrified to find that they had a sizable audience of people who were visibly amused by their scene.

“Uh...” they both started as they quickly pulled away and rearranged their clothing.

“Never mind us, feel free to continue with what you were doing. I was enjoying the show,” Yozak teased.

“I see you two have finally decided to be a little more open with it, though I have to admit you haven't been as discreet as you thought you had been,” Günter said.

“You all knew?” they asked, simultaneously.

“Yes, we knew, and let me just add how much I hate you both for the throne incident. I can't even sit there without thinking about it,” Yuuri said, and shuddered.

“Like you haven't done it there before, yourself,” Shouri's no-longer-secret lover muttered, which earned Yuuri several glares.

“This conversation is about you two, not about me,” Yuuri quickly deflected, and laughed nervously. “Either way, there's no point in trying to hide it, anymore. Everyone knows, even our parents.”

“Mom and Dad know?!” Shouri said, appalled at how they had probably found out.

“Of course they know. Your habit of collecting his underwear didn't help your case at all,” Yuuri said, which caused him to groan in embarrassment. “Mom is already planning your wedding...”

“I'm never going back to Earth!” Shouri declared in horror, as his lover shook with laughter beside him.

“Why are you still laughing? The thought of that is so not funny,” Shouri complained as he led his lover back to the bedroom.

“Quit whining, I kind of like the idea,” he said, still chuckling.

“You do?”



“I think you'll look cute in a wedding dress.”

Shouri glared down at him. “Sometimes, I dislike you a lot – friend of my brother.”

“And sometimes I like you a lot – brother of my friend,” Murata said huskily as he pulled him down into a kiss.

They eagerly spent the night finishing the passionate moment they had started earlier.

Author's note: How many of you figured out who it was? Anyhow, just my contribution to spreading the Shouri love. <3

Date: 2009-02-22 03:19 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Uh, sex on the throne, exhibitionism... one word: KINKY!!

Hey, Yuuri had sex there too! with the blond brat? If true, who's the top? XD

Date: 2009-02-22 04:18 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hey, Yuuri had sex there too! with the blond brat? If true, who's the top? XD

Who ever you want it to be, on both accounts! XD

Date: 2009-02-22 04:40 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Reversable role!

Something like: 'After I do you, you do me hard!!'

Date: 2009-02-22 05:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
LOL ambiguously gay buttsecks ftw!

Date: 2009-07-27 01:16 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
that was shocking. Never would have thought that it was him. That was just great. It kept me guessing who it was at the end it was not the person I thought it was. but again I did because "Like you haven't done it there before, yourself, "Shouri's no-longer-secret lover muttered, which earned Yuuri several glares." I kind figure it was not him and hoping it was not. hahaha he didn't.

great job. Love it. Enjoy it.


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