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Please go here and show your support for the same-sex couples who's marriages are in danger. A lot of times people say that Internet petitions/ e-mails are useless, but I was once a part of one that helped to overturn a restrictive (and racist) dress code that penalized black workers for wearing African-based hairstyles (including simply wearing the natural, non-chemically processed hair we were born with). I know that they can work sometimes, and all it takes is a quick visit and a few minutes of your time.

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So... do you think it's too cliched for two people to confess their love for one another and have sex the same night in a fic? Even if they've been giving each other the runaround for almost 2 years (one of those years in which they were too scared to admit their feelings based on past heartbreak/fear of being a substitute for another)?

I'm asking because I have written and rewritten Chapter 12 of my fic, and I'm not feeling it. I'm not feeling the "I love you, same here, let's do it", nor am I feeling the "I love you, I love you too the end" aspect. *sigh*
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1) I wrote this... thing in which Wolfram does everyone... except Yuuri. Just where would I post this? It's filled with sexual situations and cussing (as well as incest). Candidate for the KKM Capslock comm (it's sheer parody)? I know I'm not putting it up on (at least, I have no immediate plans to).

2) Went back to chapter 12 of my Wolfram x Murata fic, and I'm deciding on whether or not to put a sanitized version of this chapter on and the regular, slightly-more explicit chapter on here, or just to put the damn thing under M there (if people are like me, they forget to click those damn buttons to show the M fics)? Suggestions?

3) Deleting things in your Livejournal inbox doesn't delete the entries in your journal, does it? I have messages from when I first started this thing in there...
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I've been posting my fics on both the KKM_Wolframfans comm as well as the main KKM comm, but I'm thinking that it isn't necessary to do so considering that the Daily Maou comm indexes what has been posted that day.

So, should I cut down to posting at one comm? And which one? I realize that not everyone reads both comms -- but I was thinking that those that don't read both might come across the fic on the Daily Maou comm.
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Alright everyone, I've managed to take up knitting! Actually, I taught myself months ago when I made my daughter a scarf, but I'm doing it seriously now. For real. (Any bets on how long I'll last doing so?). I blame Gwendal for this (and yes, my first project looked quite Gwendal-ish).

Also, I'd appreciate if any of you fellow KKM fans would point me to where I can understand this whole new thing about Murata's lifetimes. I wanted to start posting my fic, but if it contradicts this new explanation he has I need to rework a LOT of it -- unfortunately. I'm going to put the first chapter up soon because there's no reworking necessary in the first couple of chapters.

Also, I'm revamping the next in my DC fic -- I have to do a lot of research so that I can get the next few chapter right.
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I have the fiery desire to write a Batman/Death Note semi-crossover fic (one of those "What if X got the DN instead?" scenarios), in which one of Batman's villains gets the DN and wrecks havoc on Gotham City.

Someone, please talk me out of this evil plot. *weeps*
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So I had this lovely, wonderful title for my fic... until I changed my fic around completely. Now the title doesn't even remotely fit, and I can't name this massive thing! Someone, give me hints/clues as to how I can come up with a new title.

Also, I'm on the lookout for a Beta for my Wolfram x Murata fic. I'm almost finished, and since I'm going to go back and do more rewriting, may as well have the glaring errors corrected first.
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Seven chapters into my KKM Wolfram/Murata fic, and I'm stuck.

I had plotted the fic from beginning to end, but when I got to the 7th chapter, I decided I didn't like part of my "explanations" as to why one of the characters was acting weird. I managed to go back and change things, but the plans I had so carefully laid out are leaving me stuck at the conversation that two characters are supposed to have in the current chapter, and it's *maddening*.

I suppose I could move on to writing chapters 8/9 and the Epilogue because that plot hasn't changed, but I like doing things in a sequence! I may even write the oneshots I wanted to have about the series, but the conversation is *crucial* between the two because it's one character opening up about something he rarely discusses with *anyone* to the other character. (Don't want to give out spoilers, LOL, but KKM fans could probably guess it.)

I may go ahead and write the next chapter to my Detective Conan fic, and then come back, but I wanted this finished by July. ;_;


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